Skyrim: The Unlikely Companions – Chapter 20

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A chapter where Ganir and Ondolemar debate semantics before they part ways:

“Different times. Different people. They had a goal. They had Martin…” There was a contemplative, odd flicker in Ganir’s eyes. “Esbern is knowledgeable but a fool. Delphine is blinded by her hatred for the Thalmor or anything that doesn’t support the Empire, but they have no purpose.”

“And you do not hate the Thalmor?” Ondolemar asked skeptically. “You left a trail of death in your wake at the Embassy…”

(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter 20

Initially, Ondolemar had scowled at the thought of sleeping in a bed that very much reminded him of sleeping in a shack amongst the cattle like some peasant. He had grown spoiled over the course of time, bathing in the luxury of his quarters in Markarth where all finery was at his disposal to make his stay all the more comfortable. But once he laid down on the hay and pulled the thick, wool covers over him, he knew that his own bed would not warm him and he was far too exhausted to really complain…until the next morning. He swore when he made his way outside and the ice cold winds struck him in the face. He had been wise enough to put his Thalmor over cloak in his saddlebags before he went down into Riften’s sewers and he wrapped them tight around him in an attempt to stay warm as he made his way across the College grounds.

Ganir joined him halfway, quite amused by the red glow on the Altmer’s nose and cheeks. “Don’t worry, you get used to it after a while,” he said with a grin. He had clearly fed for his cheeks weren’t as sunken anymore. Subconsciously, Ondolemar reached for his neck.

“I strongly doubt it,” Ondolemar grumbled. “I’ve taken the liberty of cross-referencing Sky Haven Temple’s alleged location with my own information. I must caution you that the very region you will be travelling to, is crawling with Forsworn and that there might even be an encampment in the nearby perimeter of Karthspire.”

“Forsworn?” Ganir raised a brow.

“Savages.” Ondolemar replied. “The original inhabitants of the Reach and Markarth that were…forcibly removed by the native Nords to claim it as their own. You would do well to heed my warning to avoid them whenever possible. They collaborate with the primal, wicked Hagravens.”

“You’re telling this to someone who has slain three dragons…”

“Noted, but nevertheless, I recommend you watch your back. I don’t particularly trust those two Blades either…”

“Neither do I, but we’ll have to contend with them for now to get the information I need.”

“Strikes me as odd given your past with the Blades,” Ondolemar regarded Ganir with curiosity. “After all, are you not the Hero of Kvatch who fought alongside the last Septim?”

“Different times. Different people. They had a goal. They had Martin…” There was a contemplative, odd flicker in Ganir’s eyes. “Esbern is knowledgeable but a fool. Delphine is blinded by her hatred for the Thalmor or anything that doesn’t support the Empire, but they have no purpose.”

“And you do not hate the Thalmor?” Ondolemar asked skeptically. “You left a trail of death in your wake at the Embassy…”

“Semantics.” Since this conversation would take a while, Ganir and he moved under the walkway to take shelter from the cold wind and snowfall. The Dark Elf leaned against the pillar, crossing his arms over his chest. He did not seem antagonized by Ondolemar’s questions, however, but rather intrigued. “I could ask you the same question why you did not kill me. I am all your Dominion seeks to eradicate.”

Ondolemar inclined his head, feeling curious as well. The Dark Elf certainly was no common brute with a silver tongue…but what drove him to do what he did? “You clearly had no intent of killing me back in Markarth and you were with Ancano, who you could have killed as well.”

“Trust me, I once nearly did,” Ganir chuckled. “But Ciri knew better. She saw the Eye of Magnus possessed him. It all had us in its grasp. She healed his wounds. Azura knows what granted her such patience, but Ancano eventually understood that we all were in trouble and we’d have to make the best of it together to prevent a worse fate for us all.”

“An understatement,” Ondolemar snorted. He could only imagine what raw, unbridled power the Eye of Magnus held and what it could have done to the College and the world, had the Psijic not intervened. “But that still doesn’t answer my initial question.”

“I grow weary of killing,” Ganir said darkly, looking away. “It gives me no pleasure, but they left me no choice. Make no mistake to confuse me with a mindless killing machine without a conscience, but know that I will rise to whatever challenges me if they endanger what I hold dear and value. What matters right now, is that I trust you and Ancano. This has nothing to do with either of you being Thalmor, if that is what your concern was.”

“To a degree,” Ondolemar admitted. “I’d rather not find your teeth buried in my neck.”

Ganir laughed. “I’d rather not end up on either end of your blade.”

Ondolemar glared at him, but then sighed. “Remind me to pummel Ancano for letting you in on that…incident.”

“If it’s any consolation I’ve had my share of … similar escapades, if not perhaps more scandalous.” There it was again, that deep chuckle, followed by the rogue-ish smirk. “But I digress, you did not answer mine either.”

“Very well,” Ondolemar nodded. “I shall return the courtesy…” Ondolemar rolled his tongue in his mouth as he thought of how to word it. As much thought as he had given it, voicing them was another matter. “In all fairness, given my position as Thalmor Justiciar, I am to report you as a threat, if not eliminate it, but I cannot ignore this recent chain of events any longer. The Thalmor I was raised to join believed for us to be the catalyst to start an age of enlightenment and establish the Dominion as the ruling body of Tamriel. But this…blatant disregard for human life, the petty squabbles and clawing at whatever within reach for power…” Ondolemar glanced past the pillars up to the Arch-Mage’s tower. No doubt, Ancano had ignored Ondolemar’s request for him to get some proper food and rest. “I do not envy the path Ancano has chosen, whether the gods will it or not, but I admire him all the same. He’s made a stance of open defiance. Something not only I, but so many others have been too afraid to do.”

Judging by the look on Ganir’s face, he was intrigued. Then again, he had never really spoken as openly with any Thalmor before. Not even with Ancano, but he was quite the character to begin with. “And yet, you are here, aiding someone with a power that could rally opposition powerful enough to tear it all apart. Make no mistake, I know the legacy of a Dragonborn.”

“It does not seem to bother Ancano, but what has he to lose?” Ondolemar shook his head and sighed. “The Thalmor are no longer the representation of High Elven supremacy. Not anymore.”

And to top it off, why am I telling you all this? Ondolemar thought as he ran his fingers over his shaven scalp.

“Don’t worry, I have no intention of waging war. I came to Skyrim to find a cure for my…condition.” Ganir tapped on one of the razor-sharp teeth in his mouth. “This…All of it,” He gestured at the surroundings, “all just stumbled on my path by fate and so did Ciri, which brought me here.”

The Dark Elf’s eyes looked at the Courtyard, but so far beyond at the same time as if he could envision her walking there as if she had never been gone. “You speak fondly of her, if I may make such a bold observation.”

“She reminded me of a girl of the streets when I was younger. I protected her. Looked after her and loved her as a sibling.” Ganir shook his head and looked up at the Arch-Mage’s tower now. “He doesn’t know or doesn’t want to know. Perhaps it is even best, but she loved him.”

Ondolemar didn’t need to be told, but it comforted him for some reason to know that Ancano hadn’t made himself vulnerable to a woman like Elenwen. “Don’t worry. I will keep an eye on things while I take care of this...other thorn in your side. I will have to consult my contacts abroad, however, so it might take a while.”

“It is appreciated regardless,” Ganir said, genuinely thankful. “I just hope it isn’t too late. I should be back within the week or so. I will make sure to keep you informed.”

“Auri-El guide you, Dragonborn.” Ondolemar bowed his head to the Dark Elf and the courtesy was returned.

“Azura watch over you.” Ganir turned and made his way over to the stables, retrieving Tormagg before he made his way over to the Frozen Hearth Inn where Delphine and Esbern stood waiting for him.

The two Blades followed the Dragonborn without a word and so their journey for Sky Haven Temple began. Ganir was quite content to ride alone ahead of them as Esbern’s prattling soon enough annoyed him. I should’ve left around nightfall, he grumbled to himself. Once the sun’s glare pierced the thick clouds, Ganir’s head immediately began to pound and he pulled his hood up farther.

To add to his annoyance, he now had to compromise with his two travelling companions, of which one insisted they make camp for the night so they could eat and rest before they continue their way again at dawn. While the two Blades made themselves comfortable at the campfire, Ganir was more than happy to keep to himself while he sharpened his blades and kept watch during the night.
Delphine seemed rather content with this as well, but she was definitely more respectful towards him now.

Finally, on the third day at dawn, they closed in on where Sky Haven Temple would be. They dismounted the horses some way back, however, heeding Ondolemar’s warning about the Forsworn, but they grew especially worried when they saw a variety of thick, black puffs of smoke rise from the hill beyond.

Upon closing in, they saw that the whole encampment had been burned down to the ground and nothing had been spared. The wooden, make-shift walkways lay scattered and splintered to smithereens. Charred bodies lay twisted and contorted on the ground…Ganir felt a rush of adrenaline surge through him and his eyes narrowed. All his senses peaked to alarm.

“Definitely a dragon.” His eyes scanned the skies as if he was expecting one to fly overhead somewhere just now, but they were empty.

“How can you tell?” Delphine asked.

“The claw marks on the stone.” Ganir pointed out the facts he summarized that led to his deduction. “The wood must have been slammed to bits upon impact of the dragon’s landing if he didn’t slam it with his tail. The way they were burned. They weren’t bound. They were running for their lives. Not to mention the stench of sulphur.”

“Esbern. I don’t see any temple…”

The Forsworn encampment, or what remained of it, had lain in a valley with a creek running through it. Overhead, loomed the remains of an old, Nordic burial, which they had passed by. The temple definitely wasn’t there.

“That cave over there…” Esbern pointed out. “The Akaviri were masters of disguise to whatever sanctuary they built. No doubt, it is hidden there somewhere.”

Ganir slung the bow off his shoulder and knocked an arrow as a precaution and emerged from his hiding place. The two Blades followed him shoot and he glanced at them over his shoulder. “Be on your guard. The dragon could still be on the prowl somewhere.”

They waded through the ice-cold water of the creek and were greeted by the stench of burnt flesh and sulphur as they approached the cave’s entrance. Ganir leaned against the rock as he peered inside, bow and arrow at the ready. The darkness wasn’t an issue, but the thick smoke that lingered within and slowly wafted out of the cave did not permit him to properly see what was inside.

He signaled for the two Blades to take a position at each side of the cave’s entrance while he headed inside, but it was a mere matter of seconds that the Dark Elf came running out, screaming “Dragon” at the top of his lungs and dove to the ground. A gout of white-hot flame shot forth from the cave and missed the Dragonborn by mere inches.

“Nii fon tul vorey joor gruz sul voth dinok naal dii yolus su'um!” An odd sound like stones grinding over one another emerged from the dragon’s throat as he emerged from the cave. His eyes then locked on the two Blades that had been posted at both sides of the cave’s entrance. Esbern dove for cover behind the rocks, raising a magical ward to protect himself, but the beast set his eyes on Delphine. “Zu'u fen gunaar hin qeth, joor.”

But before the dragon, whose red scales shimmered in the morning’s sunlight, could open his maw with the intent to devour the Breton, he roared in rage and reeled to his left as an arrow lodged itself stuck between his scales above his brow.

“Get over here, you rotten lizard!” Ganir barked as he had another arrow knocked and ready to be fired. The dragon made to charge for the Dragonborn, but the impact of a multitude of fireballs knocked the beast’s head to the ground. Esbern had summoned two, powerful flame atronachs who barraged the dragon without fear or hesitation while Esbern focused on getting Delphine to safety.

Ganir didn’t hesitate a moment and charged for the dragon, throwing the bow and arrow aside. “Fus Ro Dah!” He snarled, slamming the dragon’s head to the ground again so he could grab on to one of the dragon’s horns. The dragon wasn’t going to have it, however and threw its head up.

Ganir shrieked in surprise and found himself holding on to the dragon’s horns while he lay on the beast’s forehead. The dragon frantically began to shake its head in an attempt to throw the Dark Elf off him. Ganir’s eyes widened when the beast opened its maw. “YOL TOOR SHUL!” The searing, hot flames did not hit Ganir, but forced Esbern and Delphine to run for safety. “Ofaal vau zey, ruth fahliil ful Zu'u vis gunaar hi!”

The whole scene would have looked rather preposterous if it wasn’t so precarious. A Dark Elf was clinging on to a dragon’s horns for dear life on the beast’s forehead and two Blades stood helpless. They couldn’t shoot the dragon lest they risk hitting the Dragonborn, and it was never wise to attack a dragon head-on.

Do I have to do everything myself?! Ganir began to kick the dragon’s head and nose, which only seemed to anger the beast more. Suddenly, it began to stop shaking its head and flailing its tail and Ganir followed the dragon’s gaze at the rocks. “Oh no. No!” But the dragon charged for the rock-formation near the cave entrance with the intent to ram its head against it and crush the Dark Elf on impact. But the plan did not work to the beast’s advantage, because Ganir was forced to leap out of the way lest he get crushed either on the rocks or under the dragon’s talons as he nearly fell off.

The wind was knocked out of his lungs as the dragon ran over him, missing him by just, and though he was briefly dazed, Ganir immediately saw how vulnerable the beast now was and dug his daggers into the dragon’s belly, forcing the blades through the thick, leathery hide. The dragon roared in pure anguish as blood spurted from the wounds but no matter how he slammed its wings and tried to snap its jaws at the Dark Elf, the dragon could not reach him. Now I have you…! Ganir was left dangling from the daggers buried within the beast. He knew that if he fell now, the dragon would crush him. He threw his hips up and dug his heels into the scales to hold on while he pulled one of the daggers out, burying it into the dragon’s gut again, followed shortly by the other. Now that Ganir was clearly out of danger from being shot, Esbern began slinging his spells while Delphine grabbed his bow and arrow.

It was only a matter of minutes before the dragon could finally no longer muster the strength to fight back. Blood pooled from the countless stab and penetration wounds onto the burnt ground. The beast had reared onto its hind legs and staggered, stumbling before it crashed to the ground. With its final strength and breath, its golden-brown eye glared at Ganir. “Zu'u dur hi, Dovahkiin,” it spat. “Aal Alduin siiv ahrk du hi!”

Ganir’s chest rose and fell as he caught his breath. “I’m sorry. I don’t speak Dragon.” Ganir plunged his dagger into the dragon’s skull and the beast’s eyes fell shut after a final gasp of pain.

“That…nearly…killed us!” Esbern exclaimed, out of breath. “We nearly got burned alive, I…I-,!”

Esbern’s eyes widened as the dead dragon began to catch flame and its very being was absorbed by the Dark Elf before him, who seemed rather unfazed by it. “Could’ve been worse,” he grumbled. “Last time I got impaled on a horn.”

Esbern gawked, his breath taken away by the confirmation that this Dark Elf indeed was Dragonborn. Ganir walked over to the creek and washed the dragon blood off him before he took his bow back from Delphine. “Thank you. Let’s get this over with now, shall we?” In passing, Ganir snapped his neck back in place, making a nasty cracking sound.

“Did you just see…that?” Esbern looked from the Dark Elf to Delphine, still amazed. “That is astounding. He truly is Dragonborn!”

Delphine sighed and rolled her eyes, following the Dark Elf suit, who had made his way into the cave which now had to be safe. They found that the dragon had not only wreaked havoc on the encampment outside, but also in the cave, where some of the Forsworn had hoped to find refuge, only to be burned alive by the dragon.

There was absolutely nothing left, but just when they thought they would not find Sky Haven Temple, they made their way further into a cave after finding a passage behind a thick shroud of withered hanging moss.

They looked up at the raised, stone bridges and the distinct, stone ruin that lay hidden within the rock face. Kynareth had clearly reclaimed most of it as shrubs, trees and moss had weeded their way from growing in the crevices of in the stone.

Esbern lit a torch and they made their way up to where three pillars stood, which no doubt shared a similar function to mechanisms found in ancient Nord burials like Bleak Falls and Ustengrav.
“Yes. These are definitely Akaviri symbols,” Esbern said as he studied the three pillars. “Here, you have the symbol for ‘King’…” His wrinkly, old fingers tapped at one of the symbols on the left pillars. “This one over here is the symbol for ‘Warrior’…And this here…” he now tapped on the far-right pillar. “That’s the symbol for Dragon-born; an arrow-shape pointing down-ward to the bottom as though filling something. No doubt a reference to the divine ascending into a mortal shell. Can you give me a hand, Dragonborn? We should be able to lower the bridges by turning these pillars to this symbol.”

Ganir nodded at Delphine to help him as well and with effort, they managed to turn the pillars to the correct symbol. For a moment, nothing seemed to happen, until a loud, creaking noise was heard. Initially they thought that the enormous, stone slabs were going to collapse on them, but thick, ancient chains held them in place as they lowered themselves, permitting for the two Blades and Dragonborn to cross and make their way up.

“This is simply astounding.” Esbern was in awe of his surroundings. “It is remarkable how well-preserved it has been. Just look how these reliefs of the Akaviri are still intact…” They had made their way up that led to the Temple’s courtyard. The walls and pillars were indeed quite well-preserved, depicting a variety of historical, pivotal events in Akaviri history. Ganir wasn’t necessarily impressed or interested, but when they emerged from the tunnel to an open plaza, he was in awe of the sight before him. This definitely was the inner courtyard to Sky Haven Temple, which also had been reclaimed by nature. Thick layers of ivy coiled its way around the ancient pillars. Hanging moss dangled from the stone crevices and slabs. In the courtyard’s center lay an odd, carved seal with conduits for water? He wasn’t sure. But what really caught his eye was the carved, stone head in the back wall that stared at him with hollow, cold and unmoving eyes.

After making sure nothing was trapped, Esbern made his way over to the odd seal in the center. “This is a blood seal, for certain. Another of the lost Akaviri arts. No doubt triggered by…well, blood. And look at this…” He walked over to the stone head. “You see how the ancient Blades revered Reman Cyrodiil. There is no doubt about it. This is Sky Haven Temple, built in dedication to Reman. He ended the invasion under mysterious circumstances…The entrance is most likely behind this and your blood is the key.”

Really. Blood? Ganir furrowed his brow. Shaking his head he knelt down at the strange seal. His eyes studied it. He really didn’t like the idea of shedding his blood as part of a ritual, but he wasn’t dealing with Daedra. The seal was made of marble and looked dirty, caked with mud or blood, he wasn’t sure. He unsheathed his dagger and ran the blade’s edge over his palm, squeezing the blood onto the seal. The blood seeped down and dripped onto the seal. Initially, nothing happened, until an odd hue emitted from his blood and the seal moved on its own accord, glowing with magical light. Ganir backed away, his dagger still at the ready, but it was just the stone that moved and showed him that it had not been blood or mud, but that the seal was actually a hidden depiction of the Dragonborn symbol. A rumble came from the back wall and the head receded into it before being raised to the ceiling of a passage that lay behind.

“By Talos…” Delphine gasped in disbelief.

“After you, Dragonborn.” Esbern smiled, clearly thrilled. “You should have the honor of being the first to set foot in Sky Haven Temple.”

I better enter first so you don’t set off any traps, you mean. Ganir sheathed his blade after he wrapped a piece of cloth around his hand. Making me shed blood…Damned Nord. I had to travel halfway to Windhelm to feed on some damn bandits to get my fill.

To his surprise, there were no traps. Just darkness, but as they made their way up the steps, Esbern took his time to light the braziers and prattle away, much to his annoyance. “Amazing, you can see how the Akaviri craftsmen were beginning to embrace the more flowing, Nordic style right here.”

Delphine let out an annoyed sigh. “We’re here for Alduin’s Wall, remember, Esbern?”

“Yes, yes, of course.” Esbern apologized, tearing his gaze from the passage’s Akaviri writings and depictions on the wall. “We’ll have more time to look around later, I suppose. Let’s see what’s up ahead.”

When they emerged from the stairways up, they were greeted by an amazing sight. The stairways they had walked up grew wider to lead up to a central platform, splitting to the left and right in a half-circular fashion to lead to the barracks, rooms and perhaps outside. But all their eyes locked on the enormous wall in the far-back where the rays of sunlight fell as though Akatosh himself was pointing them in the right direction.

“There it is…by Shor’s bones…Alduin’s Wall…” The two Blades and Dragonborn made their way over after Esbern had lit the braziers and they could discern the wall’s writing and inscriptions better. “Astounding. It is so well-preserved. I’ve never seen a finer example of early, Second Era Akaviri sculptural relief…”

“I didn’t come all this way with you to get a lecture on art history, lore master.” Ganir snapped. How in the hells had Ondolemar put up with him all the way from Riften to Windhelm? “What does it say?”

“I apologize, Dragonborn, I tend to get carried away.” Esbern cleared his throat. “Let’s see what we have…” Esbern squinted his eyes as he made his way to the left of the wall. The wall was a very impressive piece of work as they could clearly distinguish the depiction of three, massive dragons, who most likely represented Alduin. There were a variety of human figures, some larger, others smaller. Just what was this Wall telling them? “Look. Here is Alduin.” Esbern pointed out. “This panel goes back to the beginning of time, when Alduin and the Dragon cult ruled over Skyrim. Here, the humans rebel against their dragon overlords; the legendary Dragon War. Alduin’s defeat is the centerpiece of the Wall. You see here he is falling from the sky. The Nord tongues, the Masters of the Voice, are arrayed against him…”

Ganir listened to Esbern as he spoke and pointed the fragments of the Wall out. “Does it show how they defeated him?”

“Patience, Dragonborn.” Esbern chastised, mildly annoyed. “The Akaviri were not a straightforward people. Everything is shrouded in allegory and mythic symbolism…It is not read like the common word of man.”

If you take any longer, Alduin will have eaten the world twice, old man. Don’t test my patience. But Ganir bit his tongue to the point it bled as Esbern took a closer look at the stone wall.

“Yes. This here, coing from the mouths of the Nord heroes. This is the Akaviri symbol for ‘Shout’. But…there is no indication of what Shout is meant.”

“You mean they used a Shout to defeat Alduin?” Delphine sounded hopeful. “You’re absolutely sure?”

“Oh yes.” Esbern confirmed. “Presumably something rather specific to dragons, or even Alduin himself. Remember, this is where they recorded all they knew of Alduin and his return, but like I said, they do not mention which.”

Delphine swore. “So we’re looking for a Shout?” she then looked at Ganir. “Have you ever even heard of such a thing? A Shout that can knock a dragon out of the sky?”

“Logically not,” Ganir scoffed. “I’d have to ask the Greybeards.”

Delphine growled. “I was hoping to avoid having to involve them in this, but it seems we have no choice.”

Ganir raised a brow. “And you have a problem with them because…?” Granted, they were odd, reclusive and old men, but they did not seem the harmful sort. In fact, they had been most hospitable, friendly and respectful.

“If they had their way, you’d do nothing but sit up on their mountain all day and talk to the sky…or something like that.” Delphine went off a tangent. “The Greybeards are so afraid of power that they won’t use it. Think about it! Have they even tried to stop the civil war? Or done anything about Alduin?”

“It’s astounding how you managed to survive this long being so narrow-minded,” Ganir sneered sarcastically. “And what are your expectations of me? Do you expect me to stop this civil war?”

“That’s not the point…but don’t you get it, do you?” Delphine threw her hands up in exasperation when Ganir raised a brow. “They’re afraid of you. Of your power. Think of Tiber Septim! Do you think he’d have founded the Empire if he’d listened to the Greybeards? You are the only one who can stop Alduin.”

“And it’s what I intend to do,” Ganir said sharply. “But they have helped me a lot, so you would do well to remember that.”

Delphine glared at the Dragonborn. Had she not helped him either? Had she not retrieved Esbern with Ondolemar and gotten him into the Embassy? “You best be on your way to High Hrothgar then and find out what they know about this Shout.”

Ganir had already turned his back on her, however, and walked down the steps to make his way outside and ride for High Hrothgar. Little did he know that he would not receive a warm welcome.

“Zu'u dur hi, dovahkiin. Aal Alduin siiv ahrk du hi”
(I curse you, Dragonborn. May Alduin find and devour you!)

Ofaal vau zey, ruth fahliil ful Zu'u vis gunaar hi!
(Get off me, damned elf, so I can crush you!)

Nii fon tul vorey joor gruz sul voth dinok naal dii yolus su'um
(It seems yet another mortal greets the day with death by my fiery breath!)

Zu'u fen gunaar hin qeth, joor
(I will crush your bones, mortal)


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